Friday, January 9, 2009

Teacher of the Year

Last spring at our annual end-of-the-year staff party, the "Ginny Luncheon," two staff members where honored as Employees of the Year. Kelly Starrett, our outstanding information tech, was honored as the classified employee and yours truly was honored as certificated employee. The only reason this info is being posted now is that Mike Dibley, a highly respected member of Redwood faculty and member of the social committee, which organizes the honor each year, appeared in the Library today in a way which only he can: Voice booming, he annouced that the plaque for the award had been completed and he was presenting it to me in person. He had hoped at least three classes would be in the Library at the time but unfortunately it was only me and my assistants and a couple kids. Oh, well.

Anyway I've reproduced here the very nice plaque which I received. Now have to rearrange my various awards, diplomas, etc. which I have prominently display behind my desk to make them even more obvious to the community. My motto is: If you've got it, flaunt it!

Thanks to my entire school community for this singular honor.