Friday, December 5, 2008

SF's Mayor Visits the Redwood Library

On Monday evening, December 1, Mayor Gavin Newsom, an alum of Redwood, visited the campus to hold a town hall meeting and (possibly) test the waters for a run for the governorship. Mayor Newson has visited Redwood before, his most recent stint as the graduation speaker last June.

The town hall meeting was held in the Bessie Chin Library and over one hundred invited guests and others heard Mayor Newson talk about what he has accomplished in San Francisco and then pose questions to the mayor about what was on their minds.

An article in the Marin Independent-Journal reports on the meeting in more detail.

I was able to take some pictures of the mayor which showed more of the library than the IJ picture did. After all I wanted to document this as a library event!

I used to live in the City but moved out just before Mayor Newsom took office. I was impressed with his list of accomplishments and would like to see what he would be able to do on a larger political stage. He's probably most (in)famous for his stand on the same-sex marriage issue but there's a lot more he's concerned with and his pragmatic approach makes him attractive to more than his obvious constituencies.

It's always neat to host various visitors to Redwood and we are fortunate to have an attractive space like the Library to do it in.

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