Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An On-going Book Fair ... And Thanks!

Support the Library
As gift-giving season approaches in earnest now is a great time to accomplish two things at once: giving great gifts and giving something to Redwood’s library program too!
The library has several ways that allow parents, grandparents, and others to give great gifts and contribute to the library program as well.
The one which we have participated in the longest is Book Passage’s program to contribute a certain percentage of your book purchases to local schools. When purchasing a book or other materials just ask that the sale be credited to Redwood High (code 55). Every quarter Book Passage sends us a gift certificate with the amount they have accumulated from such purchases and we can go in and buy books from them. Book Passage is a great asset to our community and this is a great way support your local independent bookseller as well as the Bessie Chin Library.

Another way you can support the library is by using the widget on the library website to purchase from Amazon.com. Click on the “Support the Library” link at the top of the page and then use the Amazon search box to find the items you are looking for. A certain percentage of the sale will credited against the library’s online account.

Finally, especially for children’s and teen’s books try Gift Lit. There is a link on the library’s page with the code (RHS82302) which you can enter before you check out. As in the preceding examples, the library gets a certain percentage of the sale for materials we purchase.

Most high schools don’t hold book fairs to raise money for their library programs but you can participate in an on-going library book fair all year long.

And Thanks for Your On-going Support
Speaking of gifts, the library and the entire Redwood community would like to thank the Foundation for funding two of our project this semester. We will be replacing 22 old CRT monitors with LCD monitors which will save energy and free up desktop space for students working in the library. We will also be able to purchase nice file drawers to store our archival collection of school newspapers. A couple years ago the Foundation provided funding to bind fifty-plus years of the Bark. Now we will be able to make those historic documents available for students, alumni and the greater community to peruse in a comfortable and secure manner. We are very grateful to the school community for providing these grants which are put to good use for everyone.

Happy holidays, everyone! And seasons readings!

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