Sunday, November 28, 2010

Digital Literacy Pathways in California

Category:Images of Arnold SchwarzeneggerImage via WikipediaIn response to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order S-06-09 issued last May calling for the advancement of digital literacy in California, the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy Leadership Council has released a formal definition of digital literacy and a strategic plan for advancing digital literacy for residents of all ages. In doing so, California becomes one of the first states in the nation to formally define, develop and promote ways of ensuring that all Californians are capable of using digital technologies in their work and to support lifelong learning. The full report, titled “Digital Literacy Pathways in California,” can be found on the State Chief Information Officer’s website at
The report defines digital literacy as “a lifelong learning process of capacity building for using digital technology, communications tools, and/or networks in creating, accessing, analyzing, managing, integrating, evaluating, and communicating information in order to function in a knowledge-based economy and society”.  The definition of Digital Literacy adopted by the Leadership Council reflects a desire for knowledge, skills and competencies that go beyond the technical operations of a computer or other technology device.
The California School Library Association recently set up a task force to help insure a strong place at the table for school libraries in the initiative for all of California's residents to be digitally literate.
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