Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Home Access to Library Catalog

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When we upgraded our library automation software from Circ/Cat+ to Destiny (both made by Follett Software) in 2009 we lost our catalog web server, Web Cat Plus. We had called the catalog Sequoyah, whose picture you see here. The user didn't have to log in separately although there was a separate IP address for at school and at home access.

After we installed Destiny our catalog was only available by logging into a special district page, Current staff and students could log in but it took two logins to get to the catalog from home -- and that was from a separate link on the library home page.

I find that people have a hard enough time when they just have to go through the website. They get frustrated by all these extra clicks.

The District technology team has recently been able to correct this weakness. Now all you have to do is go to <> which opens the district catalogs page. From there you can enter the individual library's web pages or go directly into their catalogs. Redwood, Tam and Tamiscal have uploaded their records to the new software and Drake will be doing so this spring.

I like to share my catalog with other library folks and now anyone can access the catalog from wherever they are in the world. I think of the catalog as my primary point of access to the community and the world, and I catalog everything including all our databases and even some of the web pages on the Library's site so it's extremely important that it's very easily accessible.

If you are a student or staff at Redwood you can take full advantage of the catalog by setting up a personal account. Just click on the link at the upper right of the screen which says "Create Account" and follow the simple directions. Once you've set up an account you can see what you've got checked out, put materials on hold, share your reviews of materials and rate them as well. It's fun. Give it a try!

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