Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Almost on my way

It is late afternoon on Wednesday and I am almost packed and ready. I am suddenly having a problem with diacritical marks. That is why this seems so stilted as I write it.
No matter how many times I have traveled it always seems like each trip is the first! Just trying to make sure I have all I need but not too much is a challenge. I am taking brochures for the IASL conference to be held here in the Bay Area next year as well as some items for the annual IASL conference which raises money for scholarships to attend the conference. This year I am bringing two shirts and some pins which the LM_NET logo on them and a set of soaps I bought on 4th Street in Berkeley of different with designs representing the different neighborhoods of San Francisco. They should be well sought after and therefore bring in a good chunk of change for IASL.
I hope to be posting pictures as I go along on this little sojourn so look for images of me and various others at sites in Taiwan and Indonesia.
I have already posted some of the photos from my trip last summer to Lisbon for the IASL conference on flickr so you can look for them there.
Take care until tomorrow (probably Friday in Taiwan)

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