Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Things

One of the Seven Wonders of Redwood
Last week my assistant got her hands on a preview copy of our annual, the Log. The theme this year is "The Seven Wonders of Redwood." And guess what one of the "Wonders" is? Yes, the Library.
It was really neat to see that the kids value the Bessie Chin Library and it's programs. The introductory article says the following: "Always a blessed place in our hearts, the library serves as a resource for students: providing computers, fiction and nonfiction books, and presentations from our librarians. The library is in constant use for studying after school and during lunch." It's always great getting unsolicited praise, especially from the students.

The Draft District Mission Statement
Yesterday at Instructional Council we got our first look at the District's new draft Mission Statement. Here it is in full:

-- The Tamalpais Union High School District is dedicated to the development of passionate, self-motivated learners.
-- Upon graduation, students will be prepared to become engaged citizens who contribute individually and collaboratively to address the challenges of a dynamic, interdependent world.
-- To these ends, all students will demonstrate mastery of core competencies and will be offered meaningful learning experiences to enable them to access and critically analyze information, pose substantive questions, and communicate effectively.

The important words to me are highlighted above. Our current Mission Statement does not mention anything about information skills or competency so I see this as a real step forward for the library programs in the District.
I know that one Trustee who I have talked to extensively about these issues had a strong hand in making sure that such language was included in the Statement.

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